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ALC understands that the purchase of land for development of real estate and acquiring financing for it should not make the task even more challenging.  The ability to move forward on a new project is often times tied directly to your ability to secure financing.

No matter if you are interested in developing land or purchasing developed lots, funding the project with cash is not always possible.  And even if you do have the cash on hand, using this money may not make good financial sense.  Instead, you can take advantage of a development or lot acquisition loan as a way of keeping your cash free.

We can handle everything for you and we are committed to moving quickly in order to keep you on schedule, no matter if your plans are for a residential community development or lot acquisitions.  We treat each loan request with the urgency and attention.

ALC offers land loans and financing programs for residential developments and financing for lot purchase / take-down schedules

  1. Acquisitions
  2. Development
  3. Lot Sales Programs – builder pool to assist with ‘sharing’ lots
  4. Refinance

Let us help with your residential lot acquisition and land loans.

Step 1 - Lot / Land Development Financing Process

Step 2 - Loan Requirements

Step 3 - Mortgage Application

New Customer

Securing appropriate funding for your project is an essential component of getting your project under way.  At ALC, we specialize in construction financing, lot acquisition and development loans, rehab loans, and secured loans for your business purposes.  We expedite all loan requests, often with an answer the same day. Construction draws are made incrementally and are paid on a daily basis. It's fast, flexible, and convenient. With the construction lending services and competitive pricing offered, we can be a valuable asset to your business.

We offer:

  1. Asset-based lending
  2. No appraisal
  3. No credit requirement
  4. No inspection fees
  5. No draw fees
  6. Flexible draw schedule
  7. Interest only payments

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Existing Customers

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