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Rehab 'Flipping' Loans - Serving Builders in Minnesota, wisconsin, North dakota, South Dakota, and Florida

Our rehab loans are intended for purchasing and renovating properties.  In addition to borrowing the money needed to buy the investment, you can borrow the funds needed to renovate the house as well.  This differs from traditional mortgages as the maximum amount available to borrow is not determined from the current value or sale price of the home, but instead is based upon the final rehabilitated value of the property. This critical distinction allows a borrower to finance an amount greater than the present value of the project!

Rehab deals require purchase offers and loan pre-approval faster than commercial banks can approve your loan.  Typically the best properties receive many offers, often with an  investor with cash to offer.

ALC can help.

We understand that real estate investors don’t have the time to wait for conventional financing.  We are a private lender so we manage the whole process allowing our loans to close faster.

We provide:

  1. Quick Decisions
  2. Interest Only Payments
  3. Simple Underwriting
  4. Interest Reserves Available
  5. Acquisition costs funded
  6. Rehab costs funded
  7. Minimal requirements:
    1. Purchase price of property
    2. Construction cost statement
    3. End product sale price

Let us help with your residential rehab loan.

Step 1 - Rehab Financing Process

Step 2 - Loan Requirements

Step 3 - Mortgage Application

New Customer

Securing appropriate funding for your project is an essential component of getting your project under way.  At ALC, we specialize in construction financing, lot acquisition and development loans, rehab loans, and secured loans for your business purposes.  We expedite all loan requests, often with an answer the same day. Construction draws are made incrementally and are paid on a daily basis. It's fast, flexible, and convenient. With the construction lending services and competitive pricing offered, we can be a valuable asset to your business.

We offer:

  1. Asset-based lending
  2. No appraisal
  3. No credit requirement
  4. No inspection fees
  5. No draw fees
  6. Flexible draw schedule
  7. Interest only payments

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Existing Customers

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